PUBG MOBILE for Android

PUBG MOBILE for Android

PUBG MOBILE  is a long-awaited mobile version of the popular game in the Battle Royale genre. In this classic mode, parachutes of 100 players are parachuted on a large island, where they need to survive, run from house to house, collect equipment and weapons. The game features a large variety of guns – from knives and pans to cool machine guns and long-range sniper rifles. Additionally, the best equipment is dropped onto the map in boxes on parachutes. But for a long time to sit in one place and survive will not work, you will be driven by a zone, which for some time is gradually narrowing. If you go beyond it, it will be more healthy, but you can quickly leave it, since there are vehicles in the game: cars and motorcycles. As a result, a sweaty and interesting batch occurs at the end.

The game has other arcade modes:

  • War
  • Mini-zone
  • Quick match
  • Sniper exercises.

War – in this mode, all players drop into a certain zone with weapons, and after death they are revived again in this game.

Mini zone- in this mode, instead of a large zone, a smaller zone acts, and narrows much faster (less space – more adrenaline).

Quick match – this mode takes place in a small area of 25 players, where you also need to look for weapons, equipment and survive. The match lasts no more than 8 minutes.

PUBG MOBILE for Android
PUBG MOBILE for Android

Sniper exercises – in this mode, players also land on a large island, only instead of machine guns and shotguns pistols and sniper rifles are scattered all over the map, here the victory depends on your accuracy and attentiveness.

The game has a huge Erangel map, there are a lot of trees and bushes there – great places for an ambush! Also, the map Miramar – an open area in the desert, which is great for assault and aimed shooting.

The game has a function of the game from the third person (3rd person), and from the first person (1st person). You can still play not one, but invite up to 3 of your friends. Or select in the team tab:

  • SOLO mode – a game of one
  • DUO mode is a game with one random person (together)
  • PATI – a game with four random players.

In the game there is a system of clans, where players come together and communicate. It is not even necessary to download additional programs for communication, because there is a built-in voice communication. You can turn it on when playing in the upper right corner and coordinate your actions by building a winning battle tactic.

PUBG MOBILE for Android
PUBG MOBILE for Android

The presence of an in-game store allows you to spend the accumulated game money on a set of “soldier’s box”, where you can smile good luck, and fall out of rare clothes to cool your character. You can buy boxes for real money, where things are even cooler, and the chance of dropping cool stuff is increased. Also, without buying sets, it is possible to purchase the entire costume.
There are still events (tasks), where just by playing you can get rare surprises. Also, when you enter the game every day, you will be given presents in the form of free chests and coins.

The graphics of this game is simply amazing with its beauty: realistic sky, bushes, trees and sun. In general, the game is not for weak devices, if you decide and run this game on a weak device, you can safely fry eggs on it. The game also receives very frequent global updates, which indicates that the game is not indifferent to the developers. The game is very addictive, catchy and addictive. Download PUBG MOBILE  from the developer Tencent Game, you can on our website. Pay attention to the version of your android device, this game requires a version of at least 4.3.